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Re: Travel Funds about to Expires -no one should travel during CoronaVirus Global Outbreak

Aviator C

Really, take a breath and think. 


a.  The coronavirus is mainly in Asia.  SWA flies mainly in the USA.

b.  More people are killed by the flu than by the coronavirus.


Ergo, you really have two choices.


a.  Don't leave your house.  You are just as likely to get the virus out in public than flying around on SWA.

b.  Realize that it's all overblown hype and fear and you need to just keep living your life.



Re: Travel Funds about to Expires -no one should travel during CoronaVirus Global Outbreak

Explorer C

For all of you who are giving the poster a bit of grief about their concern, let me ask you a question.


What monetary difference would it make for Southwest to extend travel funds until this outbreak is over? The answer is "no difference" unless you consider that if they don't they'll keep the poster's money and supply nothing in return. It wouldn't cost Southwest one dime to simply extend the expiration dates. This person is not asking for a refund. If the poster doesn't feel safe putting their family onto a plane at the moment who are any of you to lecture them? I'm a pilot. If any of you were to decide you didn't feel safe flying with me for ANY reason I'd be ok with that because a person's fear whether real or imagined is just as terrifying. I'm also an avid motorcycle racer. I have no fear of being on my bike at 175 mph but I'll bet you would. Each and every one of you probably has a fear of one kind or another that the poster would consider to be irrational. Give the poster a break. Southwest (and every other business) is in the business of making their customers feel good about their experience. The stance that Southwest has taken with this will simply cause lost customers and lost revenue. The reasonable decision would be to just extend the travel funds beyond this (yes media hyped) outbreak.