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Travel Funds from Previous Employee

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I have two employees taht are no longer with my company. We have tracked their credits and have all the infromation needed which is name and confirmation code.


How can I use or get these travel funds transferred? Doesnt make sense that I cant do this when these are credits that my company paid for and they were never sent back to credit card.


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Re: Travel Funds from Previous Employee

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Hi Shane.


This sounds like a question that you need to ask customer relations. You are on a customer to customer forum right now.


You can reach Customer Relations Department via Twitter (@Southwestair), or via phone at 1-855-234-4654.  


The stock answer is that travel funds are only usable  by the person whose name was on the ticket. I don't know whether or not we're dealing with a company makes any difference. I suspect not.


Also, there is nothing to prevent your ex employees, if they know the rules, from accessing and using  the travel funds at any time.


Re: Travel Funds from Previous Employee

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It's the same argument made by boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives after a beakup and I've never heard of Southwest transferring the credits.  If allowed, what's preventing someone from lying about this situation as a mechanism to steal travel credits?  The policy is pretty clear that funds remain in the passenger's name regardless of who purchased them.




Re: Travel Funds from Previous Employee

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To my knowledge, travel funds aren't valid by "company", they are valid by "individual." Thus, an individual's funds cannot be transferred to anyone else, even if they booked on behalf of a company and used a company credit card to pay for the flight.