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Travel Funds

New Arrival

I have travel funds that expire in November but with so many cancelled trips I won't be using them.  Will these funds be extended out to 2022 as well?


Re: Travel Funds

Top Contributor

As of now funds expiring after September 7th aren't being extended. 


Workaround: You could book a flight for travel before September for as close to the amount of your travel funds you have then immediately cancel it and your funds would be extended until September 2022 because the policy reads any new fund created between now and September 7th 2020 because Southwest or the customer cancels will have the funds usable until September 2022 


Example: if you have a $300 travel fund find a flight for say July 23rd for as close to $300 as you can book it. Then cancel that reservation and overnight your funds should be extended until September 2022 



Re: Travel Funds

Top Contributor

Keep in mind that travel funds won't immediately update to the new expiration, they will still show the old expiration initially, then overnight they will update to the September, 2022 one.