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Travel Funds

Explorer C

I have tried calling several numbers and several people but unable to get southwest to extend the time use of travels funds due to the pandemic.  Most of us are just now getting back to traveling since everything was closed or restricted.  I wanted to use my travel funds a week later than apparently originally scheduled and they will not let me.  I have tried calling the number someone in Customer service gave me to see if I can get an extension for 6 months but the number disconnects as soon as I call.  I can't find an email address anywhere. Doe anyone know the email address to contact them. 


Re: Travel Funds

Aviator A

Southwest has not been extending travel fund expiration dates. 


You can convert expired travel funds to vouchers -- the fee is $100 per travel fund. Vouchers can be used by anyone and expire 6 months from the issue date.


You can ask customer relations to extend your expiration date. I expect the answer will be "no," but I could be wrong. E-mail is one of the options.