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Travel Funds

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I recently purchased Southwest flights for my grandchildren travelling with my wife and myself.  I had to make some last minute changes and cancelled the flights.  Southwest advertises that cancelled flights are eligible for Travel Money for use within a year.  When I tried to use the funds, I was told that I could not use the funds, even though I paid for them on my credit card; that only my grandchildren could use them.  This seems harsh.  Has anyone else run into this issue?


Re: Travel Funds

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The travel funds rules are pretty clear:


1) They must be used (fliglht flown) within one year of the purchase date of the ticket that was changed/cancelled (the rules get more complicated if you use travel funds to buy a ticket that is later cancelled. That doesn't sound like you.)


2) Only the person whowas the named passenger on the cancelled ticket may use the funds.


Sorry that's not the answer you want, but it is the answer.

Re: Travel Funds

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As @dfwskier explained the funds are only available for the original ticketed passengers. If I read your message correctly you had purchased tickets for the grandchildren AND for you and your wife. If you canceled your ticket too you should have travel funds in the amount of one ticket that you can use and the same amount for your wife to use. Your post implied all funds were now in your grandchildren's names which is not correct.