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Travel Funds

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I love Southwest airlines...the planes, the flight attendants, the pilots and ground staff.  Everyone is friendly and tries their very best to make traveling a joy.


I respect the company too, in almost all areas...


BUT, the inability to search for unused travel funds by Rapid Rewards number is a transparent trick to milk customers of their money without providing a service.  It's a way for the company to profit from flyers' lack of good accounting, and it reflects poorly on the company's mission and stated values.


Come on Southwest!  We want you to be profitable and successful, but there's no need to "hide" our money which is, of course, working capital for you.


Let's make this easier for everyone.  Link unused travel funds to the flyer's Rapid Rewards number. 


Thanks for your consideration.


P.S. You still get to use the cash when it's in your accounts.


Re: Travel Funds

Top Contributor

Southwest isn't known for it's IT expertise, so wouldn't  hold my breath for your desire solution.


You have a choice. Keep track of your travel funds and you can use every penny of them. .or.


Use Delta, American or United. Apparently they'll keep track of your funds. They'll also charge you somewhere around $200 each to use every one.


The choice is yours.


Re: Travel Funds

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@garagestudio you may also want to send the feedback directly to Southwest as the discussion forums are primarily customer to customer.  The Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint page has couple of different options.

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