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Travel Refund Not extended to 2022

New Arrival

Our travel was cancelled due to COVID during the eligible period for extension to 2022, but our funds were expired in Jan 2021 and we are having so much trouble getting anyone to extend per Southwest Policy!  This was our family gift to our graduating senior and would love to reschedule the gift.  Senior already missed out on so much, not this too!! #frustratedmom #honoryourpolicy . 


If anyone had success getting their funds extended to 2022, please help. Thanks!!



Re: Travel Refund Not extended to 2022

Top Contributor

Reservations cancelled between March 1, 2020 and September 7, 2020 automatically generated travel funds with a September 2022 expiration date.  If for some reason you believe you should have received an extension, but didn't you would need to Contact Customer Relations 

I would suggest writing them and include documentation such as the confirmation number of the reservation you cancelled and the date of cancellation.  You should have an email confirming the cancellation.

Did you happen to rebook travel with the travel funds generated between March 1, 2020 and September 7, 2020 and then cancel that as well?  That could have reset the expiration date.



Re: Travel Refund Not extended to 2022

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You are almost a year late in posting this - Southwest extended funds to 2022 for canceled flights *if* you canceled your flight between March and September 7, 2020. Did you do this? When did you cancel your flight?


Based on your fund expiration date, I assume you booked in January 2020 for sometime later in the year. If you canceled the flight before March or later than September 7, your funds were never extended.