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Travel dates

Explorer A

My husband and I 💘 Southwest Airlines and want to travel with you. We want to travel from DAL to GRR. July 15 to Aug 3, 2019.  What is the best time to fly morning, noon, or night? Is there any flights that can total to around $680 for 2 people?


Re: Travel dates

Aviator A

It looks like the best you can do is $720 for two people. That's about as low as it goes for any time between now and August.


edit add:


I took a quick look on Orbitz. It looks like $720 for two people is the going rate for competing airlines, too.


 Remember, if fares go down and you change to a flight with a lower fare, Southwest gives you travel funds that you can use (fee free) anytime within a year of the time you bought the original ticket.


I suspect fares to GRR won't drop, but if fares to Chicago do (and I do expect that for end of July), you might be able to fly to Chicago and get a rent car.