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Travel funds expiring soon

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I have read in this forum that I can request customer service to reissue expired travel funds as LUV voucher within 6 months of expiration date. I just want to confirm if this is still currently an option before I combine them and it’s a large amount for me. And would calling or emailing the best way to request? Thanks!


Re: Travel funds expiring soon

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This is an unwritten SW policy, and to the best of my knowledge, it is still in place


Remember the fee to do this is $100 PER TRAVEL FUND. If you have more than one, combine them to buy a ticket and then cancel that ticket. That turns multiple $100 fees into one $100 fee.

Re: Travel funds expiring soon

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I believe sending a message via the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page is the best option. It's good to have a paper trail for these requests. Send the confirmation numbers, passenger names and confirm you understand each travel fund will be reduced in value by $100.