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Travel funds

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We bought our tickets October 2019, we canceled it because we drove because we’re gonna be there for three months so I talk to the representative and she showed me how to do it and she said I have until November 2020 to use them. So we had $200 of travel funds. Was going to book my reservations in October in a kept coming up with the error, so I called the reservation and she says they expired of October 2019 I said how can that be I placed the reservations on October 2019,  well apparently I had a $28 credit and that apply to that so I do understand that I won’t get the $28 I lost that but I think I should have $175 credit, she said nope because they’re a credit applied on that reservation but why did the representative tell me that when I was going through this she told me that I had until November 2020. I don’t feel I have to Suffer for a representive mistake. So I called customer relations and explain the situation to him and he goes that’s how it works and why did he do he hung up on me! Anyone have insight on how to deal with this


Re: Travel funds

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Sorry to her of your problem. People that use travel funds frequently neglect  one of the most significant rules in using them:


If you use travel funds, all amounts added to the travel funds expire on the same dare as the travel fund that was used. So if you have a $10 fund that expires on 9/1/20 and add $200 to it to buy a ticket for travel on 8/15/20, and then cancel that ticket, you will have a $210 travel fund that expires on 9/1/20.


Yours is  fairly common complaint. The policy is fully explained by the company.


I'd suggest contacting customer relations to plead your case. You might be able to get the airline to give you a voucher for use in the future (they expire in 6 months). You probably wouldn't get the full value of your expired fund, but you might be able to get something.

Here's how to do it: