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Travel with a Toddler

Explorer C

I am traveling with my daughter in November. Is there anything specific I need to do for family boarding? I know checking in 24 hours prior gives you your boarding spot but I would want to do the family boarding between groups A and B. Also, is a birth certificate sufficient for her? It was fine last year (she was 3) but I was reading that a birth certificate was only for knfanta and children needed a photo ID.


Re: Travel with a Toddler

Aviator A

If you plan on utilizing family boarding you don't need to worry about checking 24 hours prior to departure as your boarding position doesn't matter. Now if you have multiple adults in your group it would be a good idea to check-in as you'll be limited as to who can use family boarding. If you purchased a ticket for your child, and it's not a child ticket, you actually don't need any identification or proof of age for the child. If you purchased a child ticket (which is just a discounted Anytime ticket) then you'll need documentation proving the child's age. Lap children (under 2 years old) also require age verification, but that doesn't seem to apply in your case. 


When boarding begins with the A group stand near the gate agent, but out of the way of the boarding passengers, then after the A group completes boarding the agent will call for family boarding. 


Enjoy your trip !