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Traveling in Mandalorian helmet

Explorer C

Just for fun, would it be allowed to travel as a passenger in a Mandalorian helmet if wearing a proper mask underneath? It would be fun to spread some cheer if this isn’t considered a safety risk because my face wouldn’t be showing. 


Re: Traveling in Mandalorian helmet

Aviator A

Sounds miserable to me, but I don't see why you couldn't do it as long as you have a mask on underneath.  TSA would probably require you to remove it while going through security.



Re: Traveling in Mandalorian helmet

Frequent Flyer A

Agree with above, but might be worth pinging the airline via social media DM to confirm!

Community Champion | LGA based | Companion Pass Holder | Southwest Passenger

Re: Traveling in Mandalorian helmet

Aviator C

To me, much about joining this forum is the things you find out.  So I'm all for it and say DO IT.  And then report back on your experience so we can all hear how it went.