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Traveling via E-Pass seat

Frequent Flyer C

HI --

this is an odd one -- I am not yet an employee of SW and I will be traveling on flights booked by E-Pass -- will I be able to use my C-pass for my dependent family member assuming there is an open seat.


Currently -- I have booked her using points but would much rather use my c-pass, as she is currently list as my companion.


thank you in advance for your thoughts....


Re: Traveling via E-Pass seat

Aviator A

I recently had the pleasure of winning and using a couple of e-passes and had the same question about adding a companion. While I decided not to specifically ask the question when I called to make the reservation, the research I did online indicated that you could not add a companion to a reservation booked with an e-pass. As there is a dedicated number for making reservations with e-passes I'd suggest just asking them if it's possible. Please report back so we have an official answer. 



Re: Traveling via E-Pass seat

Frequent Flyer C

MiddleSeat -- thank you for the response -- I will try to swing back with what I learn

KimVanderKley -- aka AnySWseat


PS glad you on the community champ team!


Re: Traveling via E-Pass seat

Frequent Flyer B

You won't be able to book a companion pass ticket using your e-pass. I have pasted the relevant part of the terms and conditions below: 


"The Companion Pass allows the Member to designate an individual to fly with the Member (such designated individual, the “Companion”) on Southwest Airlines flights purchased by the Member and booked through Southwest Airlines during the Companion Pass validity period. A Companion's reservation is not considered a purchased flight, and therefore, another Companion Pass reservation cannot be booked from it.

The Member must first book and purchase his/her flight in cash or points through Southwest Airlines and then book the Companion's flight through Southwest Airlines...."