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Traveling with Breast milk but not my child

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I will be traveling to Nashville in a few weeks for work. I am not bringing my child who is EBF but I will be pumping while I am gone. What tips do I need to know? Also does it have to be frozen for me to travel with it? I will need to bring a Ice Chest and pump does this count toward my carry-on? Thank you for your help in advance!!!!


Re: Traveling with Breast milk but not my child

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@kday0789 this is the link to the Southwest Knowledge Base article, "Nursing Moms Take Flight":


The KB article has the link to the TSA web page and the KB article also specifically states that a pump does NOT count toward your carry-on limit.


Please reply to the thread if you have additional questions you'd like help tracking down.  Happy travels!

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Re: Traveling with Breast milk but not my child

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Just wanted to be sure you noticed that while the pump does not count as a carryon, any ice chest would.  I used to carry a small lunch box in which I could put a freezer pack, then stuff all that into a two gallon ziplock in my backpack.  If possible, then, yes, I recommend it all be frozen, and that the ice packs be the solid kind, not ziplock bags of ice (which I have seen rejected by TSA).  Much of what goes questioned or pulled is at the discretion on the individual TSA officers and manager on duty, so I also suggest the you capture a screen shot of the linked page from @SWDigits.  Helping them see the rules might be important.  


Good luck and and have fun (or get some sleep) while on your trip.  I hope all goes smoothly.