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Traveling with Senior parents

Explorer C

This weekend I'll be traveling with my parents, my Dad is 80 years old, very hard of hearing and because he doesn't hear very well, sometimes doesn't know exactly what is going on. He needs my mom to be near him, she's become his ears. 


The last time I flew with them, I wanted to get pre-boarding, but the lady at the ticket counter said I couldn't. What do I need to do to ensure they can get pre-boarding.


I fly at least once a month, and I see families with school-aged children, who are boarding during family boarding, I understand traveling with children because we travel with our grandchildren, I guess, I'm gently and respectfully saying... Seniors in the late 70's need some extra time.


My parents don't need wheelchairs, just a little extra time to negotiate the boarding experience. They have stopped traveling alone because it is so stressful. 


Any suggestions?



Re: Traveling with Senior parents

Aviator A

Southwest allows travelers that need a little extra time boarding to board after the A group and before the B group. This is different from pre-boarding, which is available for disabled passengers who need assistance boarding the plane or a specific seat on board. It sounds like your parents could benefit from the little extra time boarding, so I would discuss this with the agent when you arrive at the gate.


Technically this would only apply to your parents, but they could save a seat for you should you board later in the B or C group.


Hope this helps!

Re: Traveling with Senior parents

Explorer C

Thanks! We have a 6:30 am flight. I'll go right to the counter when we get there. 


We are going to Orlando, I'm there on business but I have a two days to chill, so my husband and I are taking my parents to Disney.  It will be their first trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!!  I can't wait. 


Of course, we are only going to spend a few hours each day, but this will be fun. (a bit stressful for me), but memories to last forever.

Re: Traveling with Senior parents

Aviator A

That’s awesome, I just got back from there including my mom. 


As far as preboarding or extra time, the first step is to ask for it and go from there, just answer the questions as they come.



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