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Traveling with a 2 year old

New Arrival

I have a few questions.


1. Is it worth it to get a child fare?  We would otherwise just use the cheapest fare for all of us.

2. We are traveling with 4 adults.  Will family boarding just get my child, my spouse, and me on the plane, or everyone. carseats get installed forward facing or rear facing?

4.can I go down to my local airport to buy tickets?  Even if I may not fly out of that airport?

5. Can I pay for cash for the tickets, or would I have to go to sams club or something to buy tickets?

6. If I have left over money on a gift card after buying the tickets, what can I use the money on? 

7. How far in advance does the flights come out?  We are traveling in September 2017.


Thank you!  I haven't flown in ages.