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Traveling with a kid on Autism spectrum

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Today my wife and kids had the worst experience ever with SOUTHWEST at Reagan airport (DCA): I dropped her and my sons (7 year old verbal and 3.5 yo non verbal ASD) but they were denied boarding on flight because he was simply crying!!! As you can imagine, it was really busy, loud and crowded but NO REASON TO TREAT MY FAMILY LIKE THIS. Gate attendant and supervisor called my son a “FLIGHT RISK” and a “DANGER” for the crew and the passengers!!! Not once but TWICE. My wife tried to explain his condition and even showed documentation but they closed gate on her. Now my wife is traumatized to fly again with the kids (she did it over the summer with no issues). Worse part is that bags had already left on plane. They issued credit for flight and offered to rebook but my wife is just too traumatized at this point. I might have to drive 10+hours. Anyone else dealt with a similar situation and what was resolution? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!


Re: Traveling with a kid on Autism spectrum

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You can submit your comments directly to Southwest, use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message.



Re: Traveling with a kid on Autism spectrum

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Sorry to hear this. If you feel the Contact Us Emails are delayed, you can also tweet via DM.

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