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Traveling with grandkids

New Arrival

Do my grandkids age 7 & 11 need some form of identification to fly?  They have a regular priced ticket. 


Re: Traveling with grandkids

Rising Star



They won't need any ID for domestic travel to get past TSA but if they have a school ID you could bring that just to have in case the Southwest agent asks for some form of ID when checking in but when I was under 18 they never asked me for ID so they should be good to go. usually I just a asked for my name and on occasion my age or gender by TSA. Also at security the kids can keep there shoes on since they are under 12 (making security easier for you all) 


Just a side note: since Southwest does boarding groups it might be worth it to buy Early Bird as you won't qualify for family boarding (especially if your on multiple confirmation numbers). that way you can board together as the boarding numbers would be near each other and you will be more likely to get seats together.


hope this helps!