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Travelling to India via San Francisco

Explorer C

I am travelling overseas (to India). First I'll travel from San Diego to San Francisco in Southwest flight on 12/30/20, then I have overnight stay of almost 7 hrs and on next day morning I have another flights to India (different airline). Due to this COVID situation, San Francisco county issue mandatory quarantine order for someone who is travelling from other county also (even if travel from California itself). If someone had a similar situation or who know the guideline clearly, please suggest do I require to quarantine at San Francisco? Will someone stop me on next day flight check-in?


Re: Travelling to India via San Francisco

Aviator A

SFO is located in San Mateo County if that helps. 


Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.

Re: Travelling to India via San Francisco

Aviator C

Since your traveling from a CA city to another CA city, there shouldn't be an issue.  We have the same quarantine rules in my state, but I travel through the state and not have to quarantine, it's when I cross the border to another state that it's mandated.  That's my take on it.  Now coming back from India that's another story. 

Re: Travelling to India via San Francisco

Aviator A

I say no to the CA quarantine on your flight out, however, for international travel you may need to quarantine upon arriving to India and/or arriving back to California.


In Pennsylvania (where I live) they now want you to quarantine if you step a toe over any state lines, regardless of where you go or what you do. I'm sorry, but it's absurd. I went to Atlantic City for an overnight trip just last weekend. I basically stayed in the room and ordered take out. I'm fine. I live alone and work from home, I am not sick, never been sick this year and I can prove it (COVID antibody test from a Dec 19 blood donation is negative - this is after flying 3x with many connecting flights in "COVID" times too), so I am not going to lock myself in my house for 14 days (they actually recommend a 10 day quarantine now, not 14, but no one is talking about that) after spending less than 24 hours in a neighboring state by myself when I am not sick.