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Travelling with Disabilities

Explorer C

I flew from Philadelphia to Orlando on 2-11-19 to see my mother. I had been placed on crutches and in a non weight bearing status. I was placed in a wheelchair to prevent walking across the airport on crutches. When preboarding was done I was left sitting and was told someone would get me. I eventually took my place in line where I was assigned. When I turned in my boarding pass the woman that took my ticket said I should have got a wheel chair and pre boarded. I told her I had and then she saw it marked on my ticket. I kindly told her that no one came back to get me. There was no apology nothing. Very disappointed with how I was treated and left in a wheel chair when everyone else had been taken.


Re: Travelling with Disabilities

Aviator A



I'm sorry to hear you were left and not taken care of with boarding the plane during pre boarding on your recent flight. As I was not there I'm not sure why no one got you when boarding started. I'm also sorry that when you brought the issue up to the ops agent she didn't even appoligize.


I would highly recommend you reach out to customer relations at 855-234-4654 to discuss that way they can look in to this issue and figure out where they fell short. 


Hope this helps!


Re: Travelling with Disabilities

Frequent Flyer C



I am sorry to hear about your bad experience, I would recommends that you are to contact the customer serivce at 1 (800) 435-9792, if not, you can either write the letter to: Southwest Airlines Co. 2702 Love Field Drive. Dallas, Texas 75235.  or call other number: (214) 792-4000 for your bad experience relating to wheelchair and boarding. Let Gary C. Kelly know the situation that you had experienced. 

Re: Travelling with Disabilities

Adventurer C

When they announced the preboard - sometimes the passenger needs to raise their hand, wheel up front or do something so they know they need to take care of you.


They almost always annouce that more than once.