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Trying to book a family vacation

New Arrival

My mother in law and I are trying to book a family vacation for June. We were told we have to call another number to get group rates so we did as told. My mother in law had been on hold for about almost 6 hour for y'all to hang up on her. Is there another way to book as a group because this is so  ridiculous to be on hold for 6+ hours. Can someone please help us? 


Re: Trying to book a family vacation

Top Contributor

Unfortunately, the Groups department is under-staffed, so long wait times are common. Do you have over 10 people? That's required for a Group reservation. There are some benefits to using Groups, primarily concering the ability to change traveler names after booking and sometimes a lower fare than available online, but many people feel that the benefits outweigh the hassle. Good luck!