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Two Step Flight Bag Check & Transfer

Explorer C

Hi, we are trying to buy tickets for my cousin and her 5 year old daughter visiting from BUF to HOU and back. The tickets are super expensive and I tried to find alternatives on SW.

I found that if I book BUF-MDW, MDW-HOU, HOU-MDW, and MDW-BUF all as separate tickets, I am able to save $400 (~40%). 

If we make this reservation, can the SW gate agent in BUF check the bags including a transfer to the second flight to HOU? They could come out, claim the bag, recheck, and go through security, but that would be a lot of pain with the kid. 

Also, if the first flight gets delayed, will SW accomodate them on different flight for the second leg of travel?

Asking ahead of time so that they dont run into problems at the airport. Thank you very much for the clarification. 


Re: Two Step Flight Bag Check & Transfer

Aviator A

Assuming all Southwest flights, they should be able to check bags through to the final destination. They'll need to use the full-service bag check, so allow extra time for that.


In regards to IROPS, they should also be able to accommodate them, but that's very much up to the discretion of the gate agent. Staff won't know at MDW that they are connecting, they'll just think that they missed their flight. However, the unofficial "flat tire rule" should cover them.