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Re: Unable to refund even with the Coronavirus

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I purchased 5 tickets for my family and we never fly. Will SWA let me transfer the kids' tickets to my name? The wife and I may fly in the future, but the 3 kids may not. I would rather have the refund, but I could live with this.

Re: Unable to refund even with the Coronavirus

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@MeddleSeat This constant ranting is getting tiring. I understand that you entered into a contract, and that you are unhappy with the fact that the contract is being tired. I understand that you believe that rules should not apply to you, and that you should get what you want. I understand that you are upset that others are pointing out that the rules of the contract are being followed. Please understand that other people follow rules. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. THE RULES APPLY TO YOU TOO. Have a great day. You have credit that is good for a couple of years which is beyond what the contract specified. Get some air. Take a walk. Plan a vacation for next year. 

Re: Unable to refund even with the Coronavirus

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I also am unable to receive a refund to my credit card even though  I purchased the flight for my goddaughter which Southwest cancelled the flight due to the Pandemic.  My only request is that the credit is refunded back to my Southwest Rewards Credit Card.  


Southwest should seriously consider refunding funds to the cardholder and not the traveler.  This is unfair to the cardholder.  Southwest is refunding or giving credit to individuals that didn't purchase tickets or had any financial hardship whatsoever in the transaction.


I was instructed by a Southwest agent to email Southwest Customer Service Department requesting the credit to be transferred to my Southwest credit card.  However, I must say that the Southwest Agent said that she doubted if the Wanna Get Away funds transfer request will be approved.


Please share with me if you have any success with receiving your credit refund. 


Thank you   

Re: Unable to refund even with the Coronavirus

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@cozeybell If, and only if, Southwest canceled the flight the refund can go back to the original form of payment.


Send the details of the reservation to this address.


For all other refund requests, including refund exceptions for nonrefundable travel:

You can write our Refunds Department:

Southwest Airlines

Refunds Department

P.O. Box 36649

Dallas, Texas 75235-1649