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Unaccompanied Adults with developmental disability

New Arrival

I have an 18 year old daughter with an intellectual disability.  She is emotionally closer to a 10 year old, and she has trouble with time and schedules and directions.  She wants to fly by herself to visit her sister.  Are we allowed to get escort passes to help her get on the right plane?  And would her sister be allowed to get a pass to meet her at the gate?




Re: Unaccompanied Adults with developmental disability

Rising Star

Non-Passenger Escort


"We offer Non-Passenger Escort (NPE) passes to people who are accompanying or meeting a Customer with a disability to/at the Customer's gate. NPE authorization should be requested from a Southwest Airlines Customer Service Agent at our ticket counter or Skycap podium. Please advise the Agent that you need to accompany/meet a Southwest Passenger to/at the gate to accommodate the Passenger's disability. You will need to present photo identification and a copy of the Southwest Customer's itinerary. We recommend reviewing our Suggested Airport Arrival Times page to determine how far in advance you should arrive at the airport terminal so that you have plenty of time to park, wait in line to receive a NPE pass, go through the security checkpoint, and get to the gate."