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Unaccompanied Minors During COVID

Explorer C

I suspect I know the answer to this question, however: My daughters (ages 14, 12 and 11) and I live in AZ. They usually fly up to NY to visit their father for the summer. Although I don’t think it’s a great idea this year, he’s insisting that they continue with this plan and also that they make the trip as unaccompanied minors. Does anyone know what SWA’s stance Is on the latter issue?


Re: Unaccompanied Minors During COVID

Aviator A

Only children ages 5-11 flying without someone over the age of 11 are considered unaccompanied so if all 3 children are traveling together it would not be an unaccompanied minor situation and all 3 children would be treated as regular flyers and would be on their own, although I imagine Southwest would try to help them as much as possible if they asked for assistance.


Regarding the unaccompanied minor policy, I have not heard of any changes to it due to the virus, although again, that policy would not apply in this situation. 



Re: Unaccompanied Minors During COVID

Frequent Flyer A

I too have not heard of any changes, but you may want to reach out to SWA directly via DM on social media to confirm.

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