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Re: Unaccompanied minor ages

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just to add to what @SWDigits said be sure to arrive with enough time to stop at the ticket counter and get the pass it could take a few minutes depending on the line at the full service ticket counter. You will also have to go though security so that can take time as well so allow time for that (pre check won’t work on an escort pass in case you have that when you normally travel)


hope this helps 


Re: Unaccompanied minor ages

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@ajsmith wrote:

Thank you! Is it easy to get gate passes? Do I call when I'm booking?


I'm just afraid to purchase her tickets and one of us or both of us won't be able to get a gate pass. I read that they aren't guaranteed.

Not guaranteed but picking up a young traveler is #1 in the list of why you would get one. 


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