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Unaccompanied minor pickup

New Arrival

I'm planning to fly my 11 year old home as an unaccompanied minor (she has done this a few times before).  Grandparents will put her on the plane in AZ, but I'm wondering if they will allow my 18year old daughter to pick her up in CA? 


She would have ID and I can even give her a letter of permission.  Im thinking it should be ok because she's an adult? 




Re: Unaccompanied minor pickup

Top Contributor

I believe that Yes your daughter should be able to pick up her sister just be sure you put your daughters name for who will be picking up the UM and keep in mind the daughter picking up will have to go though security and meet the UM at the gate. It wouldn't hurt to have the permission slip although I don't think it would be needed but doesn't hurt to have it just be sure on the paperwork you put the daughters name on who's picking up that way there won't be any issues. 


You can also reconfirm with Southwest on Facebook or Twitter in a DM just in case they need any other documents for the daughter to do the pick up that way you will know for sure.