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Unique question about traveling with an infant

Explorer C

Wife and I have a two-week old baby and scheduled to fly on Southwest next week. Long story short, we may not have a birth certificate by our travel date. 


- Child was an at-home birth, so there are no hospital records.


- We have elected to bypass immunization shots, so we don't have those records.


- Can't get a passport without a birth certificate, which we don't have. 


Are there any other acceptable forms of identification that can be used to get a boarding pass for a baby that will be three-weeks old when we travel?


Re: Unique question about traveling with an infant

Aviator C



This is what I found on SWA website:

Does my infant need a boarding pass?


If you choose to purchase a seat so that your infant may travel in his/her CRS you will need to obtain a boarding pass for the infant. If you purchase an Infant Fare, you may use online checkin if your infant has been age verified. If your infant has not been age verified, you will not be able to use online checkin, unless you purchase a fare that that does not have age restrictions. See below for more information on the age verification process.

If you choose to travel with your infant on your lap(at no additional charge) the infant will not need a boarding pass; however, you will need to obtain a Boarding Verification Document (BVD) for the infant. The BVD will allow the infant to board the aircraft. BVDs are available at the Southwest Airlines ticket counter on the day of travel. In order to complete your BVD, the Customer Service Agent will need to verify that your infant has not reached his/her second birthday, so be sure to bring along a copy of your infant's birth certificate.


You can can also click on the link below if you have additional questions, but it does look like a birth certificate is needed.


I would also put in a phone call to SWA to make sure all options are being explored. 


Good luck! 

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Re: Unique question about traveling with an infant

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Southwest does require the age verification for a lap child - in your case there is also a requirement that they can't fly babies less than 14 days old without a medical release, so you'll be pushing up against that requirement too.


I'm not completely clear if you buy a ticket for the infant normally you wouldn't have to provide ID - only for lap children or child fare - but if you are on the edge of the 14 day limitation you still might need it or the doctor's note.


Here's the whole section for your reference:






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