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Unreasonable Time Frame

Explorer C

My sister is getting married next month (August 2021). We booked the tickets in February . At the end of May we found out my 1-year old nephew would need hip surgery and be in a cast for 12 weeks. Now my sister-in-law and him can't go on the trip. I called to cancel the ticket and am being told she has to use the ticket by Feburay(not possible) and if she doesn't we might beable to get a 6 month extenison and we would still lose a $100.00 of the travel  funds. Sounds to me like Southwest is trying to get a free meal.


Re: Unreasonable Time Frame

Aviator A

You purchased a non-refundable ticket and Southwest gives you a year from the original purchase date to use the value of the purchase.  Seems pretty reasonable to me.  If you need more flexibility there are refundable fare options.



Re: Unreasonable Time Frame

Explorer C

Agree in general that polices are reasonable, much better than other airlines. So it's hard to be critical. I just wrote a note about how they combine new money & old money toward the lessor time limit-&something i didn't know before I did it. It probably wouldn't help your situation since you got the full year with the whole amount of funds used. I had objected to when $300 was combined in a ticket with the $100 and when the trip was changed, also for a medical event, the $300 combined with the old ticket added to the amount that expired in weeks.