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Unused Travel Funds Disappeared

New Arrival

I have travel funds that were booked in March 2017. So they expired in March 2018. I had called before March to see about getting then extended, I was told I would have to call back after they expired to get them transfers to a luv voucher. That’s fine. 


The  problem is that in March I had almost $200 worth of funds. When I called again in June I was told I had just $116. And I can’t even access my unused funds to double check this amount.  I’ve since deleted the original email and just kept my confirmation number so I’m not even complexly sure of the exact amount I just know it wasn’t just $116. 


Anyone know now how to get access or who I can call and argue with in trying to find out what happened?


Re: Unused Travel Funds Disappeared

Top Contributor

There's a $100 fee to reissue expired travel funds -- is the $116 the amount they are reissuing as a voucher? That could explain the difference.


Unfortunately, there's no way to trace travel funds online, or even using the confirmation number since they stopped including it on confirmation emails when you apply funds. Customers must now track their travel funds manually. For future reference I recommend keeping a spreadsheet of all funds and each use.



Re: Unused Travel Funds Disappeared

New Arrival

When I was first told that’s what I thought. But I would only be getting $16 back.