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Unused travel funds

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Why Wouldn't southwest allow me to use travel fund of my family member for myself? We planned a trip back in Nov 2016 and booked a Flight through southwest and cancelled it. Some of the travellers in that trip was from outside of this country who are not coming back till the fund expires. I am planning a trip in few days with my wife and kids and could use that fund but southwest customer service suggests that I should have read this document before planning or cancelling any trip-


Basically southwest is knowingly cheating me out of my money. They should have clearly gave the notice during cancellation process that anyone else can't use this fund. When I can use my credit card to book trip for everyone, why can't I use the fund which came out of my credit card for my own booking?


Re: Unused travel funds

Top Contributor

Unfortunately, Southwest stopped allowing funds to be used by anyone several years ago. 😞


The fare rules are included in every confirmation email sent after booking, changing or cancelling a flight. Here's a sample from a flight I recently booked (emphasis mine):


Valid only on Southwest Airlines. All travel involving funds from this Confirmation Number must be completed by the expiration date. Unused travel funds may only be applied toward the purchase of future travel for the individual named on the ticket. Any changes to this itinerary may result in a fare increase. Failure to cancel reservations for a Wanna Get Away fare segment at least 10 minutes prior to travel will result in the forfeiture of all remaining unused funds.