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Using Travel Funds to Buy Two Tickets

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I have some leftover travel funds from a reservation I cancelled. I know there is a policy in place where only the person whose name is one the ticket can use the funds. I’m planning an upcoming trip with my boyfriend before the travel funds expire. I was wondering if it were possible to use the travel funds to purchase two tickets, one for myself and the other for my boyfriend? Since he would be under the same itinerary as me, I would assume it would be possible to use them? 


Re: Using Travel Funds to Buy Two Tickets

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my understanding is that only tickets purchased in your name are eligible for the usage as travel funds.  Unless there is enough money on a specific ticket to convert it to a voucher, you are probably out of luck.


I feel your pain as I have several dollars of travel funds that are not individually worth converting so my plan is to take some short hops for some lunches in different cities that are direct flights.  


I knew the risk when I purchased the tickets and my life circumstances changed, so be it.  

Re: Using Travel Funds to Buy Two Tickets

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I'm afraid not. Travel funds are for use of the person whose name is on the original TICKET.

So, as soon as you try to book a single reservation wth two different names on two different tickets, you run in to trouble.

Re: Using Travel Funds to Buy Two Tickets

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If you apply your travel funds to a new multi-person itinerary, the funds will be applied only to the original passenger's portion of the total fare, and you'll be asked for another form of payment for the balance.

Re: Using Travel Funds to Buy Two Tickets

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In short, you will not be able to use your travel funds for your boyfriend. The travel funds will apply to your reservation only.