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Using cancelled flight funds

Explorer C

I purchased airline tickets in early march and had to cancel it because we arent able to go the dates we booked. we are still planning on a trip, now in Sept. i have the cancellation email, but how do i use the funds now that is cancelled? i was told i could still use it towards any flight until March 2018 but i cant figure out how to use them toward another flight?!


Re: Using cancelled flight funds

Aviator A

Those funds are held under the confirmation number of the cancelled flight. When you rebook, you'll enter that number into the payments section to apply the funds, and then use a credit card to make up any difference (if necessary). Keep in mind that 1) the funds are only usable by the original passenger(s), and 2) all travel must be completed by the expiration date (one year from the original date of purchase).

Re: Using cancelled flight funds

Explorer B

I just modified my flight because I got a lower price. It says I have a credit.I get that part,and will be booking for my return when a good price comes up.Thing is, everywhere Im reading is that you have to put in cofirmation # of cancelled flight but mine is the same.Is it because I modified and everything about the flight is the same except for the price?


Re: Using cancelled flight funds

Aviator B

When you go to purchase a new ticket, on the add passenger info page you will see the words "Apply Travel Funds" here is where you will add the name and conformation number that has the credit.