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Wanna Get Away Ticket Transfer

Explorer C

I purchased 4 Wanna Get Away tickets in May for a June flight.  10 days before we were to fly out my daughter and her boyfriend broke up, one of the tickets was for him as a graduation present.   Did not see this coming!!


I called to cancel his ticket and figured I would worry about the rest when I returned from vacation.  When I called I was told that I would have to wait 1 year for the ticket to expire, then ask for an extension on the ticket, then I can transfer the ticket for a $100 fee.


I am fine with paying the $100 fee, I just want to transfer the ticket in to my name so I can use the funds.  Has anyone successfully been able to just pay the fee and access the funds early?  My husband says they do this because they are hoping people will forget about the ticket or go past the date to file an extension and lose the funds all together.  I am not as pessimistic, HELP!!


Re: Wanna Get Away Ticket Transfer

Aviator A

Your husband is likely right. 😉


A particularly helpful Customer Relations rep may be able to convert the funds to a voucher for you prior to expiration, but it's a longshot. Try reaching out via Twitter.


Note that the expiration date -- should you need to wait it out -- is one year from the original date of purchase (not flight).