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Wanna Get Away fares are MIA at MCI

New Arrival

I don't usually pounce on the first day a schedule is released, but have been waiting to make spring break plans with my nephew.  90% of the wanna get away fares from MCI to MCO were sold out.  Checking STL to MCO and there were lots of cheap fares available. 


Started poking around; the common factor is MCI.  Going anywhere from Kansas City had VERY FEW wanna get away fares to anywhere.


So asking the fare watchers... does this change?  




Re: Wanna Get Away fares are MIA at MCI

Rising Star

It is impossible to say!  I fly in and out of MCI on a fairly regular cadence, and I have not noticed an significant change in fares.


It could be that SW believes they can sell all the seats at a more expensive fair, so that is what they are offering.  It could go down, but it might not.


Remember that you can book Anytime fares and the fares go down (WGA becomes available), you can cancel for a refund and rebook WGA fares.  Or you can wait; it is unlikely that fares will go up or (in my opinion) sell out quickly if you are looking out a few months.


There may be others who have additional thoughts, but I hope that helps!


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Re: Wanna Get Away fares are MIA at MCI

New Arrival

Thanks.  It just seems to be from March 13, forward.  Also booked MCI to SAN, RT, 2/29-3/5, and it was very reasonable.