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Wanna get away February 2020 to Punta cana

Explorer C

Says wanna get away sold out!  Already?????  What’s going on?  



Re: Wanna get away February 2020 to Punta cana

Aviator A

There are many, many factors that impact fares.


Given that the flights just became available for booking, I doubt that they are sold out, but keep in mind that if your are connecting, the right fare type has to be available on both legs. Also, there could be other factors that impact the availability of WGA fates on the route you are looking at. 


I am am not sure you will get a more specific answer, but you could always use the Conact Us page below to find the number to call SW for help with booking. If anyone can provide more info, it would be them. 


I also wonder (and this is just my own personal theory) if some of the flight are still not fully posted. Given that the schedule became available in the last hour, I wonder if something hasn’t complete pushed through and that’s WGA fares could show up later. 


Finally, remember that if you book Anytime or Business Select and WGA becomes available in the future, you could always rebook and get a refund of the fare difference. 

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Wanna get away February 2020 to Punta cana

Aviator A

Sometimes , when the airline expect it can sell out Anytime fares on a route, SW does not make WGA fares available for sale. As time progresses, if it finds the Anytime fares are not selling as well as expected, it will then make WGA fares available. No guarantees, but I have seen it happen.