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Water damaged luggage

Explorer C

I'm just venting here as Southwest has made it clear to not put anything valuable in our checked bags.  I returned from a visit with my Dad moving him into an assisted living home and brought back a bunch of pictures and items which my parents collected over the years,  i carried the absolute most valuable on the plane but of course could not carry everything so I placed some pictures and items in my suitcase.  Apparently the baggage was left outside in the rain for the hour i was on layover in Dallas so everything was absolutely and completely soaked including about a hundred pictures.  I had already maxed out my two carry on bags so i really had no choice other than I guess I should have shipped them FedEx or something.  I understand now that you shouldn't put anything you actually would like to keep or value in your checked baggage and they are quick to point that out in all their policies which in turn offers no incentive to protect your baggage from the elements.  I know they have covers for the baggage carts but it takes time to cover the the carts and we know time is money and why would they even care as they can't be held responsible.  I didn't notice until I got home and called the number listed on the website but it had nothing to do with filing a claim so the young lady transferred me to another number for baggage but unfortunately filing a new claim was not one of the options, just lost baggage and how to look up an existing claim.


So as I said since there is nothing they can do about it I thought I would write this in the hopes somebody in management might see it and think that HEY what a good idea he had,  we could use the covers attached to the baggage carts and cover the bags sitting for any length of time in the pouring rain.


Anyway strangely enough I love flying with Southwest and will continue to do so, i Just won't put anything in my checked baggage that I would like to keep, and I now realize why the people I made fun of all these years that carry  everything they own on board and cram it into the overheads do what they do.


Re: Water damaged luggage

Aviator A

Ugh, that's a painful way to learn.  You can also put things like pictures in large ziploc bags.



Re: Water damaged luggage

Frequent Flyer B

I'm sorry that happened to you!  I have seen (and experienced wet luggage) where lightening struck during a rain storm and sirens went off in the airport/outside for all personnel to move indoors.  In that moment, they would not have time to throw covers over luggage.  


Praying you were able to save some of the items and not everything was completely destroyed.