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@MarkHursh wrote:

We launched improvements to and our apps in March regarding this issue.  This should reduce the number of access denied errors.  Though, there are still cases where you may continue to see this notice. We are now seeing traffic restored from countries that were previously unable to access our digital experiences.   Please give us another try now.  Thank you all for your patience in this matter!


Mark Hursh

Director, Digital Platforms 



It seems some customers are still having issues. Is it possible to get a list of contries that are still being blocked? Or any update on when/if access will be available to customers in those countries?




While our international country blocks have been removed, we continue to have security tools in place to protect the stability of  That does mean there are still situations where certain traffic types may be blocked.  Customers still having issues can share their IP address and the error message via a Direct Message to @SouthwestAir on Twitter, and our Care Team will be happy to look into it. Thanks!

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Re: can't book a flight on the webpage

New Arrival

I can get on the mainpage but can not select a flight.  Been having these problems for several months and after SWA reset my account, it worked for awhile and now is doing the same thing as before.