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Week and 1/2 Vacation Not Great due to Southwest Airlines

Explorer C

On June 1, 2024 my family of eleven (11) traveled from Dallas Love Field on flight #4318 to San Jose. Before we could board the plane, there was a sudden thunderstorm bringing lots of rain and delaying our flight for close to 1 ½ hours. Our, along with everyone else on board, luggage was left on uncovered baggage carriers out in the rain. We switched planes in San Jose and proceeded on to Seattle on flight #4277. Once we arrived at our overnight accommodations in Seattle, we, along with our other family members, discovered that our clothes in our luggage that had been left out in the rain were soaked. Luckily, the hotel had a pay for use clothes dryer that allowed us to stay up till the wee early morning hours drying our clothes. (try 11 people freshly packed ready for vacation in the hotel to the wee hours to dry and repack-Not a great way to start a vacaton.)


On June 9, 2024, other that an hour and a half Que in line to get through TSA, our return flight #6042 from Seattle to Sacramento went smoothly. However, our connecting flight from Sacramento to Dallas on flight # 0222 was another story. Our flight was delayed for almost 5 ½ hours due to a “maintenance” issue. There was some talk that our plane had been switched to an earlier flight whose plane had a maintenance issue. This required another plane to be flown in for our flight. The end result was a delay in our arrival to Dallas love Field from 9:35 PM to approximately 2:00 AM the next morning. This delay created more issues with our pre-scheduled shuttle service back to my daughter’s home in Fort Worth and our son’s uber service to their home in Aubrey. Although our shuttle made the necessary arrangements to meet the delayed flight, my son’s uber did not and they were not able to obtain a ride home until almost 5 AM. So they were outside a closed airport for over 3 hours waiting for a ride home. And to make matters worse, Southwest lost my son’s luggage, which as of 6-19-24 has still not been located. Southwest Air Lines has issued $100 vouchers to each member of my family because of the delayed flight out of Sacramento, but due to all of the above mentioned issues, I will be hard pressed to fly Southwest again.


Re: Week and 1/2 Vacation Not Great due to Southwest Airlines

Aviator A

You mean to tell me there were no Uber drivers in Dallas at 2am I find that hard to believe 


did you try Lyft? 

Also no airline can control weather. Now the wet clothes sorry to hear to got to dry them at the hotel maybe send that receipt to Southwest and maybe they can reimburse you for that cost. 

Maintenance issues are never fun but just like a car or anything really things break or have issues. You can always ask for additional compensation or share your feedback with Southwest by clicking the contact us link at the bottom of this page. 

With the delayed bag did you file a report at the BSO when you arrived and noticed the bag was not there? I recommend getting an air tag so you can see your bag in real time 

Re: Week and 1/2 Vacation Not Great due to Southwest Airlines

Adventurer B

This is what i call the flights/flying days from hell.  Sorry it put such a damper on your vacation.  But honestly this could, and has happened on ANY airline.  All airline flights are affected by weather and maintenance issues.