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Well done on mask enforcement.

Adventurer B

Thank you Southwest for enforcing the mask policy despite the mother's automatic sense of entitlement that because her child has autism the rules didn't apply. As we now know (and many of us long suspected), children are just as capable of carrying and passing covid. His autism doesn't mean he gets to risk everyone else's health. The mother makes a fuss over 'even' having a doctor's note. All that tells me, is that she knew it was going to be an issue and she should have taken a mode of transport that did not require 200 other people in a closed container to be put at risk.


No refund due. I hope she learns a lesson from this, namely you just don't get to impose on other people's health and safety just because you think autism is a justification. He should have been denied the flight for the lack of mask and then his disruptive behavior.


Re: Well done on mask enforcement.

Aviator A

Certainly a difficult situation for all involved.