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What are you doing censoring people for speaking there mind?

Adventurer A

I was watching a lot of blogs from Meddalseat he does speak many truths!   A senior citizen speaks his mind and gets banned are you all that thin-skinned he is a customer!  With your Stock dropping like a hot potato you think you would have time for the CUSTOMER!   Have a request Yes, please! I feel like you Kicked my dog when you Banned this Senior citizen!  All the Bloggers like Middle Seat and DFW Skier and this Rising star.  Delta a very good Airline where the Hindu's trust implicitly!  They gave the money back to a Freind of our on his credit card during these COVID 19 times with the Government bailout you should pay your Customers for future flights and keep your customer base! 



Re: What are you doing censoring people for speaking there mind?

Aviator A

Hey @MeddleSeat thanks for the laugh, you pretending you were banned and pretending to be someone else really helped brighten my day.


By the way, it's their, not there.

And did you want the teddy bear? I didn't hear back from you. 



Re: What are you doing censoring people for speaking there mind?


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