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What is needed on boarding pass

New Arrival

Is your middle name or middle inital required on your boarding pass? Is it to be exaclty like the ID you are using or is First Name, Last Name all that is needed? When entering information it only required a first name and last name.


Re: What is needed on boarding pass

Top Contributor

Here's information from TSA about what is required:


Specifically, this part seems to answer your question:

But rest assured, the system will be pretty flexible. For the near future, small differences between ID and reservation information, such as the use of a middle initial instead of a full middle name or no middle name/initial at all, should not cause a problem for the passenger.


However, if you have a known traveler number for TSA-PreCheck, the name on your reservation must be an exact match of the name associated with your KTN, including a middle name.