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Wheelchair Access getting on/off plane in Cancun

New Arrival


Trying to get some additional information about flying on a SWA flight into Cancun and how accessible getting on and off the place is in Cancun. I have read that on some gates there are stairs and not a jetway. My husband has a spinal cord injury and need a 2 person transfer into an aisle chair, and then onto the plane etc, with his electric chair being stowed below.  Can you give me any additional information about SWA in Cancun, are there aisle chairs, 2 person transfers available and what are the accomodations if there isn't a jetway and only stairs ? I have even read that at some terminals in Cancun you have to take a bus/shuttle to the main terminal, and those usually aren't wheelchair accessible. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.


Also, how does it work, when having to transfer planes when in a wheelchair, we have only flown to single destinations before non stop.  Would my husband be transfered back into his wheelchair, and then do the process all over again, transfer to aisle chair for next flight and then wheelchair gets stowed below, or is the wheelchair considered like baggage and just gets automatically transfered to next flight ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.