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Wheelchair access

Explorer C

Adult daughter had an accident and is wheelchair bound with little mobility. We bought a small transfer wheelchair that we'll be bringing her in but your information indicates that for actually entering the plane she's transferred to a special chair that fits your aisle width. What happens to our transfer chair? Is it stowed or something? We'll need it when we land.


Re: Wheelchair access

Aviator C

@Dale68 I am 99% sure that the transfer chair will be placed in the belly of the plane after it’s needed. Yes, special sized transfer chairs are used on the plane because of the aisle size. Make sure you connect with the agent at the gate to confirm and to tag the chair with your information. Once you land at your destination, the ground crew will bring the transfer chair back to you. Be patient as sometimes it does take time for the ground crew to recover the chair for deplaning. 


Fingers crossed for a seamless experience. 

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Re: Wheelchair access

Aviator A

If it is similar to how baby gear items such as strollers are handled then yes - you'll use your equipment to get to the point of the transfer. Yours would be tagged and left at the door of the aircraft to be stowed, then retrieved at the same place after the flight.


My suggestion is to wait towards the end of deboarding to collect your equipment as it takes some time to bring it up and there won't be a good place for your daughter to wait while everyone is deplaning - unless the crew has any other advice, go with their suggestions.


You also can't get back on the plane after you leave the door in case there is a wait.



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Re: Wheelchair access

Explorer C

There should be room for a wheelchair because when someone land he needs a wheelchair and can't buy a new one every time.