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Why I'll Avoid Southwest Going Forward...

Explorer C

Southwest used to be very good.   But not more.   The last two reservations I had were changed to extremely poor flight itineraries.   Flying from JAX to MKE we were suddenly routed through Denver about 900 miles out of the way.   Added hours to our flight time.


Our 2nd reservation where we were flying from JAX to CMH with a stop in BWI a nice itinerary was changed so we'd fly into Denver for a stop and then to Midway for a stop and FINALLY to Columbus.


This added 5 hours of extra flight time and almost tripled our over all travel time.  Absolutely ridiculous.  


SW rarely made extreme changes like this in the past & was usually at most an hours adjustment but the stops stayed the same.   You can't depend on SW anymore.  They obviously could care less about their customers and treat us like garbage.  Jerking us around all over the country like they do now.


I've been a loyal Southwest customer for decades but NO MORE.  I will gladly pay the other airlines baggage fees or change fees to avoid Southwest.   Southwest is obviously in deep trouble and  it seems to be well deserved.


It's pointless to book flights when the itinerary you choose means nothing to this company.




Re: Why I'll Avoid Southwest Going Forward...

Aviator A

The problem is that SW is short of planes and it is getting worse.


Boeing promised SW it would deliver hundreds of new planes in 2024 then a few months back it said "Ooops, wel'll send you 20 in 2024" All the while SW continues to retire 737-700s that have reached the end of their useful lives, and is returning 737-800s that are coming off lease -- because SW did not know about the Boeing problems until it after it lost the ability to renew the leases.


It is a mess, and it is not likely to improve until Boeing gets it;s act together and actually ships a significant number of new planes to SW. End of 2025 maybe, 2026 - more likely.


Safe travels to you. Feel free to come back after Boeing get's it's at together.

Re: Why I'll Avoid Southwest Going Forward...

Aviator A

Are any of the other flights that day better for you schedule? Remember when the airline changes your flight you get a free change (Southwest gives you 2 free changes up to 14 days earlier/later for free) 

Re: Why I'll Avoid Southwest Going Forward...

Explorer C

I agree this is annoying, but if you stay on top of it (by checking your email for the notification of the change), it can work to your benefit because you will have flexibility with re-changing, even to different days.


And I did experience this a few times recently.  My OKC-MCO nonstop got 'rebooked' to a layover flight, even though there was still a nonstop whose departure time was simply tweaked a little.   It was annoying that I was put on a layover flight, but I just went in and selected and changed to the nonstop OKC-MCO and I was back on a nonstop.


While I understand why you consider this a disadvantage, I consider it an advantage over other airlines and often hope my (long in advance) flight gets changed a little so I have the flexibility of two changes in case I need them.