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Why book roundtrip when it only restricts usage.

Explorer C

This is just a fair warning.  If you book a trip on Southwest, it is far better to book two one way trips, especially if there is a connection.  That way, if you miss, need to reroute or reschedule the departure, you are still able to use the return portion, (they do not automatically cancel the ticket like they did mine) or you can simply cancel the return and use that credit on another trip.  On my departure leg,  I missed a connection (my fault) and ended up completing my trip on another airline.  To make matters worse, they cancelled my return trip home, forcing me to buy a ticket from them (fat chance) or on another airline.  Had I booked two tickets one way, first off, my return would not have been cancelled, secondly, I would have at least the option to use the credit on another flight had I chosen to reschedule.  There is no practical difference between the two options.  The price and reward milage is the same, the only clear advantage accrues to SW, as they are able to cancel a flight and resell it. 


Re: Why book roundtrip when it only restricts usage.

Aviator A

The reason you've stated is just one of many. As a general rule on Southwest always book one-way flights, unless a compelling reason (such as promotion) requires round trip.

Re: Why book roundtrip when it only restricts usage.

Aviator A

So I think you were apart of the NO show policy which does cancel the remaining segments on that confirmation number. My thought is because since a person misses the 1st flight they assume you won't take the return so they cancel it so they can sell the seat. (Just my thought)


i do think booking one ways is better for that reason for people who miss flights a lot and well that way points post and you don't have to wait for the reservation to be completed on the whole RT. The only time I book RT flights is when I have a promo code that would benefit me by booking a RT flight. 


Since there is no RT ticket sale meaning you get a few dollars off by booking RT the only benifit I think is one less confirmation number to deal with. 


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