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Woman with Allergies

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I just watched the video of the woman in Baltimore being forcibly dragged off the plane because she has allergies to dogs.  I also am allergic to dogs (though I love dogs) and have been in the same position.  I see no reason why dogs should be in the cabin.  They never used to be, now they are everywhere.  If someone is allergic to peanuts, peanuts are not served to the rest of the customers, the peanut allergic person is not forcibly dragged from the plane.  I think this whole situation was poorly handled, and I think southwest needs to examine its dog policy


Re: Woman with Allergies

Explorer C

I think the woman is a liar or at the very least exaggerated tenfold. Say the dog wasn't there for her flight, I guarantee a dog was on a flight prior to hers and their dandruff was still present. Also, if you have life threatening allergies, you should have proper medication to support such claims.


I disagree that pets should not be allowed in the cabin as there are those with seeing eye dogs and those with severe medical necessities. I also think 9 out of 10 pets found on planes are there for the wrong reason. People need to stop babying pets and pushing them in strollers. 





Re: Woman with Allergies

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I am technically allergic to dogs but I do not have major issues, so I wouldn't really have a complaint if a dog were on the flight, but I have heard of some horror stories.  I will note that I see exceptions to the policy ALL OF THE TIME!  There is often a huge dog infringing on other passengers' space or licking them, or the cat or dog is simply not in the carrier.  I once saw a cat dive over 3 rows of seats escaping from his or her owner.  As a person severely allergic to cats, I was extremely bothered by that as the cat whizzed past me.    As a paying customer, I do not believe I should be the one to leave a plane or be subjected to cat dander in an enclosed space like that.  I am bewildered that management or legal thinks this is ok; especially when they will cease service of peanuts to an entire flight if a person identifies as having a peanut allergy.  At a minimum, please be consistent.  If a passenger says they're allergic to a pet, then the passenger with the pet needs to figure out plan B.  In any event, I do not think the majority should be inconvenienced for the few.  There are medical concerns on both sides of the issue. 

Re: Woman with Allergies

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Google the woman's name.  She is a professor of Islamic  studies and her religion forbids dogs.  

Re: Woman with Allergies

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There are valid service dogs. ADA mandates that they be permitted to fly, and 
ACAA allows for documented Emotional Service Animals. Also the terminals have sniffer dogs in departures and arrivals.  If you have an allergy, then you should prepare accordingly with medication, and carry an EpiPen if your allergy is severe enough to put you into anaphylactic shock.