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Worst and most offensive service I have ever had

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I was recently on flight 2835 Columbus Ohio to Pheonix Arizona and am still shaking by how offended I am by the my terrible experience. I was one of the last people to board the airplane and I sat in the first row. I entered the plane with a carryon suitcase and a skateboard that I purchased as a gift for someone. I put my luggage about 6 rows back and and the skateboard about 5 rows accross from it over some other guests luggage where it would fit (I am not upset at all about having to put my belongings behind my seat)


I have a hospitality heart and even pursued it by getting my degree in hospitality business management, I am constantly considerate of others. Having to put the skateboard over other guests luggage I was concerned that it would be difficult for the other people to get their luggage from behind it causing a traffic jam in the aisle. 


I expressed my concern to the Male flight attendant about an hour before arrival by saying


"Pardon me sir, I just want to start by saying that I am not concerned with getting off of this plane any sooner than any other guest however I have a skateboard about 4 or 5 rows back that is obstructing other guests luggage when we land can you help me..."


He interrupted and gave me a strange look and said, "you want me to get your skateboard?! Why cant you get you're own skateboard?!"


I said "sir I'm just concerned that the the guests will get up all at once and I..."


I was then rudely interrupted by the flight attendant, "when the bell rings just push your way back and run there as fast as you can"


I thanked him then sat next to the gentlemen that were equally appalled by the flight attendants service.


When landing time arrived the bell rang everyone got up and once and in a condescending laugh the attendant said "NOW GO GET YOUR SKATEBOARD"


it was obvious that there was no way I could wrestle my way to my things, people whom had luggage behind the board were upset because they couldn't get to their luggage, and the aisle was jammed up. The attendant in an annoyed manner yelled to the people struggling to get their luggage, " an you please pass the skateboard up to this kid" (I'm 30) 


After this ensemble of "service" the attendant inbenounced to my presence right behind him said to a female flight attendant, "I bet he is bringing the skateboard back after using it to return it for money" (as if I'm a broke person beneath him?!?!?!) 


I Looked back at the guy with awe because I couldn't believe he had said that, he looked back at me then said "oh I'm just kidding with you, have a nice day"


How can an airline allow this kind of service?


How is acceptable for a hospitality worker to talk down their guests like this


HOW are you going to handle this SWA?


Derek Hyatt


Re: Worst and most offensive service I have ever had

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As this is a customer to customer forum I suggest that you contact Southwest directly via on of the contact methods listed on if you would like for Southwest to respond. 




Re: Worst and most offensive service I have ever had

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As themiddleseat said, you probably should contact the airline directly.


Be sure you provide the date, flight number, departure/arrival cities and if you have it the name of the offending flight attendant.


Southwest employees are normally very customer oriented. Not sure what happened in your case.


Re: Worst and most offensive service I have ever had

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Not the best attitude for sure, it was also a weird confluence of you being last onboard (bin space always constrained at that point) and then even worse being in the front row where there's no underseat storage.


I see it all of the time where someone has to store some item to their rear in the overheads and it never goes well - the FA can't do anything anyway, they are seated until the Ding! goes off as much as anyone else. 


The best you could do in that situation if it repeated itself is approach one of the passengers near the item to have them grab it and bring it forward. Your approach seems reasonable in isolation - but having seen similar events so many times it is par for the course.


I hope the skateboard was well received and the rest of your trip went well!



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Re: Worst and most offensive service I have ever had




I'm so sorry to hear this as it's definitely not typical of the Customer Service we strive to provide. As this is a peer to peer forum, we do not have the tools to address your concerns, but if you click the link below, it contains instructions on how to reach out to one of our Representatives. 


Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint


I know we can provide better experiences, and I hope we have the opportunity to serve you again in the near future. 



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