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You can change your flight notification????

New Arrival

This morning I received notification that I could change my travel date/time at no additional cost.  It stated that this was being done because one of my flights could be affected by circumstances beyond their control. I am flight to Las Vegas Christmas Day and returning to RDU at 12:25 am New Year’s Day.  My question is if I change how does this affect my early bird purchase?  Will I still have early bird or will I lose them?  Thanks for any help.




Re: You can change your flight notification????

Rising Star

If you make changes, your EBCI purchase will follow your reservation as long as it is a change to the existing reservation with the same confirmation number.  So in short, yes.


From SW's site: "EarlyBird Check-In is tied to the Customer’s reservation for which the EarlyBird Check-In purchase was made and will be transferred to the Customer’s new flight if he/she changes the flight at least 25 hours prior to the original flight’s scheduled departure time and so long as the change is to a flight that will depart in more than 25 hours. Since EarlyBird Check-In is associated with a reservation, any changes must be made within the same reservation record (same confirmation number) in which the Customer purchased EarlyBird Check-In."


You can also learn more at the Knowledge Base.


We had this happen recently, and I was able to work the change in our favor to a more favorable flight time.  Hope it works that way for you too, @Mwarnold1222!


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