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Young Traveler Question

Explorer C

My almost 17-year-old daughter is traveling solo with Southwest for the first time. She is designated a young traveler. Will she be allowed to be dropped off at the airport and go through security on her own, or is she required to have an adult pass through security with her? She has TSA pre-check and a valid driver's license for identification. Same question for her arrival- will they let her just leave the airport and get picked up, or does an adult have to meet her at the gate?




Re: Young Traveler Question

Aviator A

@BonusQueen assuming domestic travel that does not include Hawaii, your daughter is cleared solo for all phases.  My 16 year-old daughter flew alone a week and a half ago and she went through security alone at the departure city and I met her outside of security when I picked her up at the arrival city.  I could have gone to the ticket counter to request an "escort pass" before she arrived but I didn't have enough time to do so and to make it to the gate.


For reference here are the Southwest pages for Young Travelers and Unaccompanied Minors -- they have very differet treatment.


Safe travels for your daughter!!!

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